Property Search Assistance

  • Analysis of your requirements – We take into consideration the fact that all our clients are different and thus have different needs. In our requirement analysis we want to get to know you better in order to find the desired property match. Questions of particular interest are the underlying investment reasons, the expected time horizon of the investment as well as the type of property wanted.

  • Individual consulting service via telephone or email – If you are looking for non-obligatory advice regarding real estate investments please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a message with your contact details – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pre-Purchase Advice

  • Up-to-date market research based on your requirements analysis – We will try our best to find the property you are looking for. Our network includes leading building developers. Chances are high that you do not have to wait long for your ultimate investment opportunity.

  • Quality check of properties – Once the property has been found we will check its availability, the potential rental income to be generated and the technical condition or building specifications. We will also check whether the purchase price is in line with the market and what potential the property has in the future.

  • Organizing trips to inspect the property – If any of our properties seem like a great investment opportunity for you, we want you to look at the property with us – we will show you the area the property is located at and answer all your remaining questions related to the purchase on-site. Please contact us for special travel offers.

Purchase Process Assistance

  • Assistance in legal matters – To ensure a seamless execution of the purchase process the specifications of the real estate law need to be taken into account. Peculiarities are for example rent ceilings, entry and examination of obligations in the land register and compliance with real estate agent’s and property developer’s/builder’s regulations.

  • Financial planning and optimization – We have excellent contacts to banks and insurance companies, who would like to accompany your investment with clear financing options. Financial planning and optimization depends on a large degree upon the availability of substantial liquid assets, a good credit rating and macroeconomic factors such as the state of the credit market.

  • Assistance in tax matters – If you are unfamiliar with the tax system our tax experts can help you. Taxes-related consultation includes questions related to tax liability, double taxation convention and the different type of taxes imposed in Estonia.

  • Purchase processing in the native language required – A property sales contract is complex and has many peculiarities. Understanding every detail of the contract is inevitable. Thus we will make sure that a native translator is available to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Furnishing and designer service – together with our partner we can create and implement a unique living concept tailored to your wishes.

After Sales Asset Management

  • Monitoring of property performance and reporting on a regular basis – Monitoring pre-agreed performance indicators, such as rental income, rental income loss provisions and maintenance property fees.

  • Representation of clients’ interests at owners’ meetings – Our full service approach includes the representation of your interests at the annual owners’ meetings. The results of the meeting are incorporated in our regular reporting.

  • Facility management – Our facility management partners take all measures necessary to professionally and sustainably look after your property– concerning both building and rent management.

  • Exit strategies – The foundation for an optimal exit is the right timing based on a sound market analysis. Developments in interest rates, general market development of rents and rental law are fundamental drivers for exit decisions. Our ultimate goal is to find the right timing for your exit if wished, but obviously you always have full control over the right to sell your property.