Buyer’s Guide

  1. Determining the desired parameters (price, floor space, location, etc.);
  2. Visiting and selecting real estate properties;
  3. Order of an official evaluation of a real estate in case it will be purchased with a bank loan. The cost of an evaluation shall be paid by a buyer.
  4. Provision of an official evaluation and loan application to the bank (if the buyer is not using full self-financing for the purchase transaction).
  5. Booking of the date and time of signing the sales-purchase agreement at the notary office.
  6. Transfer of the money to a notary’s deposit bank account.
  7. Signing of the booking agreement or/and sales-purchase agreement. Payment of the notary fees and the state fee.
  8. Signing the deed of conveyance of the premises according to the sales-purchase agreement.
  9. Registration of a new owner of the premises in the land book. This is done automatically within one month after the sales-purchase agreement is signed at the notary office.

Please be aware that this information is of a general nature. Each situation is individual, and it may be that other documents will be needed.

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