Seller’s Guide

  1. Choosing a real estate consultant.
  2. Collecting basic information about the real estate property (parameters, layouts, images).
  3. Preparation of textual and visual information about the real estate.
  4. Posting of information in a database and other Internet resources related to real estate.
  5. Search of clients.
  6. Visiting real estate with potential buyers.
  7. Booking of the date and time of signing the sales-purchase agreement at the notary office.
  8. Signing of the booking agreement or/and sales-purchase agreement. Payment of the notary fees and the state fee.
  9. Signing the deed of conveyance of the premises according to the sales-purchase agreement.
  10. Registration of a new owner of the premises in the land book. This is done automatically within one month after the sales-purchase agreement is signed at the notary office.

Please be aware that this information is of a general nature. Each situation is individual, and it may be that other documents will be needed.